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Getting into airports is no small task, with years of planning and a lot of research necessary just to bid on a space, to say nothing of the capital investment needed to open the doors on a new concept. AX EDU is the seminal effort by Airport Experience News to assist newcomers to the airport sphere in figuring out the landscape, providing insight from industry leaders into the inner machinations of airport business.

The first episode in the series, titled “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly,” explores the many facets of operating in an airport, with guest Stuart Holcombe, managing partner, Travel Retail Partners, joining Lo in touching on the ups and downs.

The lesson begins with some insight into the appeal of airport business, Lo referencing the profitability of both food and beverage and retail outlets, especially in the presence of a clientele whose options are limited, often to just what they can see from their gates. The longevity of a successful brand is also a lure, with popular street-to-airport concepts often able to secure multiple consecutive contracts within a space.

From there, the lesson covers the more challenging aspects of the business, beginning with just understanding all the varied operational formats and moving through labor, space and logistics, touching on the possible hurdles to success that exist in each sphere.

At an hour long, the first lesson comprehensively summarizes the expectation for the rest of the series, offering a cursory glance at upcoming topics of discussion. For those unfamiliar with airport spaces and the work necessary to transition smoothly, the first lesson in the AX EDU series is both helpful in setting expectations and possibly daunting in its honesty, but a look forward at what’s to come for this series should ease minds.

The first lesson in the AX EDU series can be viewed for free at, with a subscription opening access to all videos as they are published.

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